Suicide Squad Surpasses Very Low Expectations

Critics are tired of super hero movies. They are tired of the same plot lines; the same archetype of a caped crusader, the same goals. But in the defense of Suicide Squad, it at least attempts to deliver something different. Attempts to.

With a very forgiving mindset, Suicide Squad is a fresh take on the superhero movie genre, just on the premise alone. The Suicide Squad is a team of dispensible villains, brought together with the intention to do heroic things, but since they are villains, that ideal is short-lived. The film excels in the overall comic book aesthetic and the surprisingly enjoyable Ed Hardy-esque visuals that made the 3D version more than tolerable. Though the mood is ultimately more on the playful side, which works in its favor, it is very obvious that Suicide Squad is made up of different opinions, interrupted artistic integrity, panic, and two different movies spliced together.

What it does well is cater to a general audience with the more involved comic book reader in mind. Those familiar with the source material will enjoy it if they're very forgiving to the characterizations, and those who are not, if they can assume the basis of these characters and accept their motivations without asking "why?," can have a good time.

Viola Davis gives a strong performance, as does Margot Robbie. Will Smith might be the new Nicholas Cage, and Jared Leto's Joker could have used even less screen time than he was already given. That isnt to say that the rest of the cast was weak in their performances, but the dialogue and pacing helped with awkward deliveries.

The film weakest moments are the underdeveloped scenes due to bad editing or bad writing that can hopefully be fixed with a director's cut much like Batman V. Superman. The convenient solutions will make audiences throw their hands up in surrender (that can't be fixed with a director's cut, that's just lazy). Some shifts in tone can be extremely jarring, but it's appreciated that there is finally an attempt to treat comic book movies like comic book movies instead of gritty, political dramas. Suicide Squad is a film with a lot of potential and a lot-- and I mean a lot-- of room for improvement, but it wasn't a regrettable movie experience and perhaps a step in the right direction for the studio.

Critics may be tired of these super hero films, but I am not.

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