Jurassic Peek: A Burlesque Parody - Hollywood Jane Revue

I, once again, had the opportunity attend another amazing performance by the Hollywood Jane Revue which was held at the Rockwell Table & Stage to a sold out crowd. This time around it involved scientists, dinosaurs, mosquitoes and more dinosaurs and was cleverly dubbed "A burlesque parody 65 million rhinestones in the making."

It started out with an introduction by the host Charles Eights as Alan Grant, Lemi Atoms as a stagehand who was dressed as the dad from Jurassic World who saves his margarita’s from the Pterodactyls, and Phillip Kelly who came out and read some “legal” paperwork regarding the possibility of being attacked by Dinosaurs (no humans were harmed during the show) prior to the performances.

All the performers did an amazing job portraying characters/dinosaurs/insects from the movies which were done in chronological order of film release. The show had two intermissions per usual and ended with a performance by Chris Deadly dancing to Frank Sinatra with 4 raptors.

It was a magical way to end the show with amazing choreography.

Hollywood Jane Revue proves again to offer a fun filled night with sexy and enticing performances even as a Jurassic Park Parody.

List performers:

Veronica Voss as John Hammond, Lana Entendre as a Mosquito in Amber, Blanche Bourgeois as a Dilophosaurus, Brandy Snifter as Dennis Nedry, Alice LeGrande as Lex Murphy, Tiffy Twister as a T-Rex, Georgia O’Queef as Ian Malcolm, Gwen Ruby as Claire, Chris Deadly as Owen along with four raptors.

Special Guests: Caramel Knowledge as Ray Arnold, Leggy Lass Greenleaf as Robert Muldoon

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