Killing Joke Movie Review

The Killing Joke is a great film from start to end it does a fantastic job at covering one of the most iconic comic book stories while creating an original spin. It has just about everything you could ask for.

The film stars the famous Mark Hamill (The Joker) and Kevin Conroy (Batman) who many agree are the only two people best suited to voice such iconic characters.

The movie right off the bat gives you an insight on how hard it is for someone that’s not Batman to balance a normal life and vigilante life through the eyes of Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon. It even goes as far as giving us a look through her romantic thoughts about Bruce Wayne, which causes her to eventually sleep with him!

Not only does it give a new input on Batgirl's character but Batman's as well.

It stays very true to the comic in most regards, especially dialogue and plot. Batman wants to make amends with the Joker before one of them kills each other, just to find out that he has escaped from Arkham Asylum yet again.

Joker's flashbacks were presented with great music as well as a grainy filter to give it that old timey vibe. During these flashbacks, the road to becoming this iconic villain proves to be a very depressing road. In a weird way, you start to understand the Joker and his view on life. It’s horrible to look at the past because it only hurts you. Losing your mind and going mad is a much more peaceful way to live, and everyone is just one bad day from becoming as mad as The Joker.

The movie does the comic of the same name justice and is worth the watch whether you like The Joker or not.

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