New Game In The Layton Series Won’t Star Astute Professor

Level 5 Vision studio recently announced the next title in The Professor Layton Series, except it won’t be starring the titular top hatted gentleman but instead a new Layton. When professor Hershel Layton and his assistant Luke Triton go missing, his daughter, Katrielle Layton moves in to investigate their mysterious disappearance. After hitting a road bump in her search for her father she turns to detective work around town showing the same kind of penchant and fervor for puzzle solving as her old man along with Sharo, her talking dog assistant. Penned as a “Jack of all trades, mystery solving detective,” she goes around solving all kinds of cases, from missing cats to flushing out murderers. Considering the wit and humor typically associated with the series, Lady Layton is sure to go down as one our favorite games starring a female protagonist.

You can check out the original Japanese trailer below.

Lady Layton: The Millionaire Araidone’s Conspiracy is set for launch in early 2017 on Nintendo 3DS, iOS and Android devices both in Japan and in the West.

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