Suicide Squad's The Joker and Why He was Great

Everyone already knows that whoever plays the role of the Joker has go above and beyond to perfect him. Most of the time it causes some damage to the actor who choses to play as him, but it does pay off in the final product. One of Suicide Squad's main selling points was how a new Joker would be introduced in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Jared Leto did all sorts of crazy things to prepare for his role, such as sending bullets to Will Smith and boxes of dead rats to Margot Robbie. The list could go on for all the crazy things that he did. But after all those stunts he pulled to get into character, it paid off in a amazing way.

He added that sense of uncertainty in the movie. Every time he was on screen, you’d think he would do one thing, but ended up throwing a complete curveball and do something entirely different. Every time he was on screen, I was rooting for him.Though his role wasn't large, it was enough to give us a taste of what to expect in future DC movies.

His new sense of fashion and body work of tattoos added that creepy vibe to him, and was a tribute to the past actors who portrayed the character. It was awesome to see him be that big bad mob boss that the Joker is you could see the terror in everyone's eyes whenever he was around I loved it. Maybe the most important part of it all was that he nailed the iconic laugh that we all love to fear.

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