Dank Ass Memes in Miitomo

Earlier this year, Nintendo released Miitomo to mediocre success. Mainly, due in part to the much anticipated release of Pokemon Go, you may or may not have heard of it before. It’s cool if you haven’t, it’s not like, all that popular and I think only kids play it. But whatever.

While the app was originally supposed to be used as way to connect with friends to share secrets and conversations much like a digital equivalent of an exchange journal or paper notes that kids used to do in high school before cell phones and text messages were a thing.

Miitomo works largely in part by asking the user a bunch of questions to which the internet quickly devolved its answers into a slurry of self-loathing, disturbing, incoherent, and unexpectedly personal reveals.

The best part of it all is how completely out of left field some of the answers can be; one moment you learn something endearing about your friends and then the next it’s just dick jokes for the next thirty minutes.

You’re going to hell for laughing at these but at least you’ll have fun on your way there.

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