The Top 16 Best Pokemon of All Time

Pokemon is fun. It started as a simple collecting game and turn-based RPG and it has since grown into a global phenomenon thanks to a memorable anime and a series of games. Thanks to the mobile game, Pokemon GO, everyone on earth is catching Pokemon. Let’s be honest, though, for everyone dozen of crappy living chandeliers and ice cream cones there are one or two Pokemon that we all actually love. Thanks to the miracles of modern science we can now definitively list the top 16 best Pokemon in the history of the universe.

BONUS - MISSING NO: Missing No can’t make the list because it isn’t a real and official Pokemon. There’s still something inherently cool and dangerous about being the most famous glitch in gaming history. Is it real? Is it a creation of a sentient game out to mess with players? Missing No is awesome.

MEOWTH: Meowth has a few things going for him, at least thanks to the anime version. Meowth is a tragic figure that learned to speak English (or Japanese, depending on which version you watch) because of love. Then, he became evil because why not? Meowth is also notable in being one of a handful of speaking Pokemon and can speak without telepathy, hanging out in a small and elite club with Slowking and Gastly.

MAGIKARP: Magikarp has two attributes that put it onto the list of the best Pokemon of all time: it’s funny and it evolves into a fantastic Pokemon. Gyarados is cool, sure, but you can’t get Gyarados without Magikarp. You laugh at Magikarp? Well, Magikarp will splash in your blood after it defeats you.

ZEKROM: Admittedly Zekrom makes this list entirely because it is a badass looking legendary. But is that so bad?

SMEARGLE: This may be a controversial entry because it’s kind of stupid looking. Ah, but this is a video game and Smeargle has a great talent in that it can use sketch to copy almost any other move in the game. This is an extremely useful skill when battling.

STEELIX: A metallic snake, which is cool to begin with, Steelix only evolves from Onix by using metal coat and trading. That’s a fun mechanic because it forces you to interact with other human beings. According to the Pokedex it’s also harder than a diamond, so it could seriously mess you up.

GRENINJA: It’s a ninja frog. That’s the second coolest sentence I could type behind the one below for Garchomp. Sure, Froakie is cute but Greninja is awesome for anyone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s where ninjas were the best thing ever. Oh, and mat block is a fantastic signature move.

MOLTRES: Related things that are great: Team Valor and Pontiac Firebirds.

TOGEPI: Togepi has three things going for it. First off, it’s the cutest Pokemon by far. Second, Togepi teaches you the egg mechanics in the generation 2 games. Third, it thought Misty was its mother and that is both adorable and science as many animals imprint on the first animal they see after they hatch.

SQUIRTLE: Squirtle wears sunglasses, runs a gang, and is probably the best starter in the first generation games. The water-powered turtle has the most advantages against the 12 gym leaders and… Those sunglasses! So radical.

DEOXYS: Deoxys doesn’t really evolve but has multiple forms, all cool. Deoxys is a legendary, sure, but it’s also an alien adding to an entire weird implication that Pokemon are found throughout the universe. It’s also the DNA Pokemon (Deoxys is short for Deoxyribonucleic Acid) and biologists are hot.

PIKACHU: Pikachu is cute, loveable, and a worldwide phenomenon. I bet more people under 20 recognize Pikachu than Mickey Mouse. Pikachu is also the star of the anime alongside Ash, and a pretty good Pokemon to use in the games. Pika… Pika pi!

UMBREON: Most of the Eeveelutions are fun, but Umbreon is the best. It’s the first dark type I remember really thinking was cool, and it leveled up at night. That was a great mechanic. Oh, and Umbreon is a starter in Pokemon Colosseum. Evil looking dog is cool.

CHARIZARD: Sure, Charizard isn’t technically a dragon but he still is. But, what about the anime, you say? He was kind of a dick, right? Wrong! Ash was 10. If you give a 10 year old a Ferrari and they wreck it, do you blame the Ferrari? No. Charizard is the Pokemon version of a Ferrari: red, powerful, and everyone’s favorite.

GARCHOMP: Garchomp is a land shark with knife hands. There’s the coolest sentence you’ve ever read in your life, and proof of his awesomeness. If that wasn’t awesome enough, it’s also a dragon type.

GENGAR: Gengar is awesome because it’s the original ghost Pokemon. Plus, ghost Pokemon are immune to normal and fighting attacks. Try and punch Gengar and you will just fall though as he laughs at you, fools. If you haven’t played Pokken Tournament – and you should – Gengar is also the best character in there. Oh, and he has a cool backstory that may not be true where it’s the evil shadow of Clefairy come to life.

MEWTWO: Mewtwo is the coolest Pokemon, bar none. He’s got a tragic backstory as a cloned version of Mew. He got revenge on his captors. He sees the errors of his ways. Plus, you can play as him in Smash Bros. I mean, come on, what Pokemon would be better? He’s also strong in game and looks cool while being simple in design and memorable looking. Mewtwo is the best Pokemon and if you don’t like him he will probably turn you into stone with his crazy mind powers.

Who's your favorite Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below.

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