Power Morphicon 2016 Review

Imagine for a small moment, you are back in Elementary school. You’ve already finished eating lunch, so it only makes sense that now is the perfect time to call dibs on the Red Ranger, while leaving the rest of your childhood crew to delegate their place among the color palette of Rangers still available. With your squad assembled, the mission is clear, save the world! At least until the bell rings.

For many, the bell was only time-out call for us to Morph back into our normal selves and continue learning from our redundant education system. Most nostalgic fandoms become diluted under the barrage of advertising power television possessed at the time. But for the people fell absolutely in love with our technicolor ass-kickers, the adventure carried on, and on, and on! For at least another 20 years, the power rangers fought hard. And while many new rangers came and went, the fans were always there. These dedicated fans now celebrate their rich history with the holy grail of all Power Ranger Events: ‘Power Morphicon.’

Year after year, Ranger Fans from literally all around the world travel to these United States to suit up, talk rangers, and buy anything ranging from toys released past and present, to props and photos from TV shows and movie sets. There were also various photo ops like a giant Mega-zord Cosplay, and a photo-booth recreating the Ranger Morpher shape silhouette on your face. You also walk away with a print from the booth which is a nice keepsake!

The one thing I wasn’t expecting to be going into this con, was star-struck, but at the heart of the con I found heroes from my time. You see, back in 1993, I was settling down from a busy day at elementary school when suddenly, the most epic guitar riff EVER! roared off the 20” tube screen, and images of badass robotic dinosaurs flooded my imagination! What induced this nostalgic memory? The sight of none other than Walter E. Jones, Austin St. John, and David Yost, The Red, Black and Blue Power Rangers. There were “Neo Rangers” and “Ninja Rangers’ and even “Samurai Rangers”. Rangers Everywhere! You even had Paul Freeman who played “Ivan Ooze”! The celebrity count was easily at 20 guests ranging from casts old and new with exception to the upcoming movie cast. It was amazing to see a bit of cinema history right before my eyes.

After speaking to several dedicated fans, the most astounding fact about the Power Ranger Fandom, is that it attracts some of the most genuinely nice people I have encountered anywhere, and they all have the deepest appreciation for the Power Rangers because hey, what’s not to like? A group of friends, destined to save the world year after year because fighting like ninjas with robots is cool!

It’s also good to know that after 23 years of morphing, there will be plenty of rangers to be there for future generations to come. See you all at PowerMorphicon 2056!!!

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