Pokémon Go features we’d like to see added

So, it’s been almost 2 months since the release of Pokémon Go. It had its ups and downs with issues and bugs such as the "nearby" feature being reworked and a beta being tested in certain areas, Vaporean and other Pokémon attacks being nerfed or enhanced. Some of the more important issues have been resolved like Bots and GPS spoofers, so you won't be seeing stuff like this guy who had 3 Dragonites at 3 different gyms all at once while being level 30 just a few weeks into the games release:

One of the newest feature which was added in the last update was the ability ask your team leader to "appraise" your Pokémon. Depending on what the Team Leader says, it will help you decide on if you should transfer the Pokémon or if it’s worth keeping and evolving/leveling up to wreak havoc on gyms.

The game is still in its youth and with rumors of updates like trading and "buddy" Pokémon that will follow your avatar in-game coming. We have a few other features that we would like to see added:

A Friend's List:

You meet new people and sometimes even see them often when you frequent the same poke stops and gyms. It would be awesome to add the people who are on the same team as you to an in-game friends list and have a messaging system so you can meet up and take over gyms together. It would be better than giving someone you just met your actual phone number. Maybe you can add people who are on other teams as well since we all have friends that on different teams (VIVA TEAM VALOR!!!)

A "TOP 6":

This would allow you to pick your "go-to" Pokémon for gym battles. The 6 slots for your battling Pokémon will be filled with these Pokémon when you active a Gym Battle. It would also double as a way to show off the best Pokémon you have when people see you on their friends list.

Elemental Sorting Option:

Let’s say when you go to battle a gym and you scout out which Pokémon are there. You see two Vaporeans and two Arcanines. Well that means you'll need a grass and/or an electric type for the Vaporeans and you'll need a rock and/or a water type for the Arcanines. If the type you need isn’t in your "top 6" then you can find the Pokémon you need with the Elemental sorting. You'll be able to activate that option and quickly go to the elemental type that you need instead of scrolling through all your Pokémon in the generalized sorting options that are currently in-game.

Gym and PVP Training:

Gaining avatar experience when training at one of your team’s gyms has been good. Stardust and candies for the specific Pokémon you're training with would be even better, even if there is a daily or weekly cap. This would be an immense help to level up and evolve Pokémon that don’t regularly spawn where you are.


Being able to breed Pokémon would be a great feature. Once you receive the egg after breeding and incubate it, you'll know exactly what it is that is going to hatch. I'm sure there would be some type of cap established as well and it would be another way to receive candies for evolving.

What feature would you want in Pokémon go?

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