Justice Monsters Five Underwhelms

Justice Monsters Five is an in-game mini-game from Final Fantasy XV made available for mobile devices prior to the main game's launch. Despite a rocky first few days of bugs, once you get past the loading screen (that can take up to 2 hours for some reason), Justice Monsters Five proves to be an simple, yet aesthetically pleasing pinball game very, VERY similar to an older mobile game, Monster Strike.

JuMonV is most enjoyable with the characters and design, but little else. The titular Justice Monsters are popular monsters through the franchise: a flan, a Naga, a coerul, a bomb, and a gargoyle. And these creatures, who are normally enemies, are personified and given ridiculously campy archetypes, which is part of the appeal. Bomb Bro is the hot headed hero, Lumiana is the love stricken feminine one, Cassanova Coeurl is the aloof, romantic that for some reason switches between Spanish and French words, Fab Flan who is... fabulous, and Grim Gargoyle who isn't suspicious at all. These characters "fight" other creatures in the lovable style of Japanese sentai shows (think the exaggerated campiness of Power Rangers).

Once the player completes the tutorial levels, the characters depart in a hilariously dramatic fashion and are replaced with the villainous monsters we know well. The game play remains the same, but the player is now able to add friends and other monsters to aid them in their endeavors much like the previous original mobile Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, continuing their attempt to create a social-but-not-really app.

The game play mostly consists of swipes and occasional holding down on the screen, leveling up, and pay-to-play services. There are occasional slots for an extra sense of appeal but Justice Monster feels like a touch screen launch title just dressed up like a pinball machine. Pinball bumpers will appear on some levels, but that's about as pinball it will get.

JuMonV is a mindless distraction if you're itching to sate your restless finger syndrome, with a sleek very Final Fantasy style, and purposefully ridiculous characters and themes....if you can get past the loading screen. Ultimately the game is a great time waster, pulling in lots of assets but offering little to get invested in.

If Justice Monsters Five is any indication of how well Final Fantasy XV will be, I am sorely disappointed.

*Nerdbot ratings are out of 10

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