Top 7 Weirdest True Stories That Should to be Sci-Fi Movies

The world is a wonderfully weird place. There are parasites that completely alter the behavior of their host, strange disappearances, strange appearances, and completely bonkers people populating our planet. Many of the truest (or probably truest) stories are the ones that are the least believable. Ray Sullivan survived 7 lightning strikes. French soldiers witnessed toads falling from the sky in the 1700’s. So, yup, there are tons of weird and true people, places, events, and stories. Some of them are so wonderfully bizarre and beautiful surreal that they should be sci-fi movies.

Eilean Mor Lighthouse

A ship arrived just after Christmas in 1900 to a strangely empty lighthouse on a small island that, until very recently, had 3 lighthouse keepers. Some food was left half-eaten and some weird entries about extreme winds and a calm after the storm were found in a diary. That same storm didn’t seem to be reported by anyone else.

The boring story is that, yeah, these guys just got swept away in a wave or something. The weird diary entries were a freak storm. Maybe someone fell off a cliff and the other 2 guys drowned to save him. That’s… probably true, but boring. In my Hollywood movie, this would be a stark and frightening horror story about an ancient sea monster – think Cthulhu – coming to the island. Maybe it comes in the form of something familiar, say a dog like The Thing, but slowly the men lose their grasp on sanity and their lives to a monster.

Hinterkaifeck Murders

A father notices footprints in the snow around his quaint German homestead. Weird things were happening, like keys disappearing and noises no one could pinpoint. Sadly, the family was all killed by some deranged person living in secret around their home. Even the young daughter wasn’t spared.

It’s terrifying enough that the killer was never caught. But what if that person living in their home wasn’t the killer, but rather was a protector? Maybe he was protecting the family from some evil entity or extraterrestrial being and was somehow unable to prevent the inevitable… A sad traveler, returning to his own time after having failed his mission.

Spring-heeled Jack

Throughout the mid to late-1800’s, a strange person – or creature – was reported all over Great Britain, causing havoc and leaping around being a general nuisance. Conflicting reports say he was human or demon, with or without glowing red eyes and maybe with claws or in nice clothes. Who or whatever this was has been lost to history.

Sadly, Spring-heeled Jack is probably just a mass hallucination. Someone told an exaggerated or fictitious story about a weird leaping costumed guy, and it evolved into tons of reports. Maybe one or two of these reports were pranks but most were probably mistakes or lies. What if Spring-heeled Jack were real? And were some kind of proto-Batman style vigilante? A mix of cool steampunk gadgets and weird events in a movie told from the perspectives of those who saw the masked hero, rather than from the heroes POV, could be a fun idea.

The Moberly-Jourdain Incident

In 1901, around the Palace of Versailles in France, two women were wandering around, minding their own business when BAM! The universes aligned and they stepped through time itself all the way back to the French Revolution. These women, Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain were highly educated and no pushovers. Moberly wrote of her time traveling fun that, “Everything looked unnatural, therefore unpleasant; even the trees seemed to become flat and lifeless, like wood worked in tapestry.

Well, this probably never happened, sadly. Oh, the two women were real and thought they had traveled back in time momentarily, but they likely didn’t. Explanations include a fellow nearby he was a fan of having period dress parties or just some other mistaken, embellished experience. Though these incidents could make a fun, inventive time travel story set in the early 1900’s. Perhaps the scientists of the day come to investigate and some enterprising American convinces France to set up a working portal that allows people to travel back and forth… for a price.

The Lead Masks Case

Two dead men were found by a kid flying a kite on Vintem Hill in Brazil. The men were found wearing suits, lead eye masks, and waterproof coats. They had apparently met on this hill to ingest capsules and wait for some effect, as recorded in a notebook. Oh, and they had water because weirdness must stay hydrated.

These two electricians were probably taking drugs in an attempt to contact spirits or aliens. Maybe. But what if it worked? What if these two men from Brazil had found some weird substance that allowed them to actually contact beings from another planet? And what if these two seemingly innocuous individuals started a huge movement based on their discovered, dealing with all the profound effects of the truth? Hollywood, call me.

The Somerton Man

In 1948, a dead body was found in Somerton, Australia. No ordinary John Doe, this mystery man was accompanied by clothes missing their tags and a bizarre note in his pocket written on a book of poetry. That note read, “Taman shud”. Translated to Persian, it means roughly finished. No one has been able to identify this strange man and the reason for his even weirder note.

Was he a spy? There’s a decent chance he was a spy. All of the identifying marks were removed from the clothes and later a briefcase containing some interesting tools for stenciling. As fun as spy movies can be, I’d go with something way more sci-fi: time travel. In my movie, this guy was a time traveler on his last vacation before his suicide or perhaps murder. Imagine an entire industry built around time travel vacations or, better yet, one man’s quest to develop time travel just to end up as a John Doe with a strange note in his pocket.

The Black Knight Satellite

A strange, black object has been orbiting our planet for years – maybe over 10,000 – and is being hidden by NASA. Nikola Tesla picked up a radio signal from this alien object. Other strange radio noises were heard in 1928 and later, and the Americans and Russians were shocked to find something… something ELSE orbiting our planet when we finally made it to outer space. NASA and other space agencies occasionally accidentally release images of this black, unusual object but have denied all knowledge of what it is or what its mission could be.

Unfortunately, the Black Knight satellite isn’t a real thing. Several very real incidents and objects, all unrelated, have been combined into a conspiracy about aliens watching us or something. Some of the stories shown as proof of the Black Knight’s existence either didn’t happen or were simply real events reinterpreted to fit a story. Though, imagine how startling this would be if true. The Americans and the Soviets finally enter into orbit around our planet only to find that a constructed object is already orbiting there. The mystery deepens as people rush to discover if it was man made or alien in origin. And then, just when tensions are highest between competition missions to capture this strange object, it turns on and beings to signal… But who – or what – is listening?

Sometimes truth is far stranger than fiction. Unfortunately for reality and fortunately for the good storytellers, that truth gets embellished, twisted, and bent into even more bizarre cases of the supernatural or extraterrestrial. Our objective reality is a big malleable so, hey, why not have fun with it and take the facts we know, spin them just a tad, and make some great sci-fi movies. We need them. I mean, anything is better than Jupiter Ascending, right?

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