Joe Mangianiello is Deathstroke

After breaking the internet, teased by the Batman solo film star and director himself, Ben Affleck, it has been confirmed that Joe Mangianiello is set to play Deathstroke. The Magic Mike and True Blood actor will portray a leaner, more mechanically dressed Slade Wilson.

The solo Batman film isn't set to release until after 2018, but the Justice League film is currently undergoing production with Batman confirmed in the cast. Whether Deathstroke is set to appear remains to be seen.

Many fans have been positively receptive to the cast announcement, comparing Joe Mangianiello to the recent Rebirth version of Deathstroke. The Rebirth version of Deathstroke is a slimmer, more cut version of his previous iterations, emphasizing his ninja-like physic. It will be interesting to see how the sleek armor comes into play.

What do you think of Joe Mangianiello as Deathstroke? Let us know in the comments below!

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