Dead Rising 4 Black Friday Trailer Revealed

With Dead Rising 4 right around corner, the hype for this game grows bigger and bigger. Capcom is even going as far as releasing a HD collection pack with all the main Dead Rising games in order to get you more excited for Dead Rising 4. But just yesterday, Capcom hit us with a beautiful and heart-tugging animated trailer.

It doesn’t give anything new away at all, only that it takes place in Willamette Colorado like the first in the saga did. But the trailer does open up with a Christmas song sang in a very creepy, horrific way. An animated Frank West stands alone in a alley looking back at some T.V. store.

You can see it below:

The art style of this animation resembles a comic book sketching. The color scheme of black and red just gives it more of cynical feeling. It doesn’t take long at all for the trailer to turn dark. At first, it shows people banging outside the mall doors for Black Friday deals, and two grown adults fighting over a teddy bear emphasizing the uncivilized nature of humans over something so simple. Eventually it starts to zoom out and you see the horrific reality of what’s happened to that town, and how they all turned into flesh eating zombies in a ruined city.

The trailer does a great job at tugging at your emotions and is getting me only more excited for the game's release on December 6, 2016. You can now pre-order on Xbox one and Windows 10.

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