Zombie Walk for Breast Cancer with the Umbrella Security Services Los Angeles

Photo by James Rulison

People love to Cosplay for many different reasons. Maybe it's to feel good, to get the attention, or for the sake of dressing up.

I’m a part of a cosplay group called the USSLA also known as the Umbrella Security Services Los Angeles. We’re based off in the lovely city of Los Angeles. We dress up as Umbrella agents from the famous video game franchise Resident Evil. It usually consist of us looking like we’re on a mission to go clear out a town full of zombies. The best part of our cosplay group is that our ages varies. Some of us are in High School and some are already well off in their life with families of their own. We welcome anyone and everyone in our group who loves to have a good time and loves cosplaying.

The main focus of our group is just helping out others and sending a positive message to the community. At the same time, we want to encouraging people to go out and be themselves regardless of what other people may think.

Right now we are planning a zombie walk in the city of Pomona California on October 1st from 11am-4pm. It’s going to be free to enter and watch while we accept donations that will go back to into fighting breast cancer and breast cancer awareness programs. We encourage zombie or zombie killer cosplay at our event.

My very first encounter with USSLA was at Long Beach Comic Con one year ago. I remember the leader of the group approaching me and letting me know what they were about. It was something about the way he presented himself that made me realize I would love to be a part of this group, and it turned out that joining them was a great decision for me. When we go to comic conventions as a group, nothing beats the look on their faces when all sorts of people come up to us asking for videos, photos, and interviews. It’s an amazing experience and I love it. But going to conventions and taking pictures with people is only half of what we do.

Photo by Larson Creative Concepts

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