Thank you for attending Nerdbot-Con 2016!

There are no words we can say (or in this case, type) that could express how truly grateful we are. With several months of ramping up for our very first con, the day had finally come and passed. And everything from day one to the end was a truly amazing experience.

Thank you to all our staff, our volunteers, our event planners and coordinators, who were few but mighty, and able to move and adapt to wherever they were needed. To our ticket takers, who were praised for their quick service and organization, to our weapons checkers who respected each cosplayer and ensured the safety of everyone, to those at the very front that made the moment people walked in a welcoming experience.

Thank you to our writers, our website and content contributors, and supporters, whose passions and skills motivate us to keep pushing, helping us deliver great content, and being a part of the team.

Thank you to those who helped with vendor check ins, who led vendors and artists to their tables, who did their best to accommodate the best that they could.

Thank you to our panelists, our event hosts, the VGC Gaming Tournament, the live bands and performers, the Nerdbot Girls, and everyone on our team who mastered in top notch performance, events, and interactions that wowed everyone. Thank you to Pasadena Convention Center for hosting something new, accommodating us, ensuring we had what we needed for the convention, and respecting our attendees.

Thank you to our guests, vendors, artists, and photographers, for interacting with the attendees and providing products and services that wowed them. Thank you for your early set up, and late clean up, and awesome attitudes. And of course, thank you to our attendees. Your brimming smiles and positive attitudes, awesome costumes, loving nature, and great energy truly helped make this first con a success. We threw this convention for you and your positive feed back means the world to us. From one nerd to another, thank you!

Pictures here

*We love receiving feedback, good and bad. If you are writing a review of our convention, feel free to email the link to your review to We would love to read it! And thank you for attending!

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