V.G.C. Super Smash Tournament at Nerdbot-Con 2016

The Super Smash Brothers Tournament had a slow start at the opening, but with the awesome help of the Lovely Star Fox and Enchanting Ice Climber Duo Cheerers, the Tournament sign ups had a line going out the door in no time.

After the 11:30AM cut off, we had 70 Fierce competitors of all ages ready to go. With brackets set and our awesome team members of both Nerdbot and Video Game Connection personnel manning each TV, we were ready to relay the winners to the bracket input table.

Rules of the game was 2 stock character within a 5 minute time limit, single elimination, no DLC characters and Final Destination and Omega Levels.

Once the rules were announced one last time, the games began.

Spectators, friends, family, and competitors, cheered on the players on the stand.

As we reached the semi finals, the intensity in the Super Smash Room rose very high and everyone sat at the edge of their seat watching each player on the stand.

Passerbys started to come in and spectate as the excitement rose.

As were Narrowed down to our 4 Finalist

JR (Jason)

Samuel Johnson (Meta knight Fighter)

Christopher Robin

Blaze (Valor Trainer)

We shut down all TV'S except one. making the game best 2 out of 3 Matches. with Same Rules applied.

After 20 mins watching the competitors fight for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. we then finally had our Winners.

The Winning Competitors are:

3rd Place Bronze Trophy and $50 Winner: Samuel Johnson (Meta knight Fighter)

2nd Place Silver Trophy and $150 Winner: Christopher Robin

1st Place Gold Trophy and $300 Winner: Blaze (Valor Trainer)

On behalf of the entire Super Smash Tournament Team we like to say our Congratulations to our winners they fought very fierce.

Last but not least, a thank you to all NerdBot-con on attendees who came in to participate and enjoyed this part of the event. This Super Smash Tournament turned out to be a real fun and great segment of NerdBot-con and was very memorable for us that put it on and we hope that it was memorable for you too.

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