Harley Quinn Stand Alone Movie

Riding the wave as the lone bright spot from the much anticipated Suicide Squad let down, Margot Robbie is taking advantage of the spotlight by signing a “first look” deal with Warner Bros. With that comes a spin-off where she’ll reprise her role as Harley Quinn as well as an adaptation of Dean N. Jensen’s Queen of the Air. Robbie will not only star in the films but executive produce, the same power given to Ben Affleck for his standalone Batman and Justice League flicks.

Robbie became so intrigued with the character while making Suicide Squad, that she approached WB with an idea for a separate Harley film. Details are slim but apparently she won’t be alone. The film she offered will be another ensemble effort. This female centric story reportedly includes such DC notables as Batgirl, the Birds of Prey and possibly Harley’s gal pal Poison Ivy.

Not content with being just a big screen bombshell, Robbie has waded into the shark infested waters of big time Hollywood producer. Her production company LuckyChap, is in postproduction on their first project, a thriller titled Terminal, developing and producing a Tonya Harding biopic, I, Tonya in which she’ll play the disgraced figure skater and is developing an adaptation of Matt Ruff’s novel Bad Monkeys.

Warner Bros.’ has made a concerted effort for more female driven films, including Wonder Woman and another ensemble picture, Ocean’s Ocho, a female take on Ocean’s 11. The studio also created the Warner Bros. Emerging Director’s Workshop, a program to give rise to more female voices as well as other marginalized groups.

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