Musterbrand Drops New Legend of Zelda Fashion Line

October is here and along with the fall season Gaming Clothing Designer Musterbrand has officially licensed The Legend of Zelda for their new fall clothing line. Made with high quality cotton knits and emblazoned with the Royal family crest sporting green and other earthy tones setting the mood of an urban yet still close to nature type of adventurer. The fashion line inspires the visage of the Hero of Courage himself.

Personally I’ve struggled with whether or not I would buy Video game inspired clothing since most brands and designers seem to want to rather make a quick buck off the fandom instead of making something that you would actually want to be seen in. After checking out the scarf, the hoodies, jacket and bag, I’d say that these are definitely something I could see myself in.

Modeled by Li Kovacs

Full Collection List:

  1. Link™ Shirt - 100% hooded jersey.

  2. Link™ Cape - Knit hoodie.

  3. Link™ Loot - Heavy canvas bag.

  4. Link™ Voyage - Premium parka.

  5. Hyrule Scarf - 100% cotton.

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