How to Get your Significant Other to Watch Your Shows

Father, brother, and big nerd. Aaron dishes how to live a happy, nerdy life. Please exercise caution when following his advice. We are not responsible for negative outcomes, only the positive ones.

Being a nerd and your spouse isn’t? How do you get her to watch your shows!

So there you were, being single, nerding out, attending comic conventions, keeping up on trending shows (GOT, Arrow, Flash, Mr. Robot) gaming, cosplay, geek meets, etc. You get it. Life is great but secretly you’ve been wanting a sidekick, a.k.a a significant other.

Specifically someone who isn’t a threat to your lifestyle but one who could possibly enhance it.

But you couldn’t seem to find "the one." So then they finally come out of nowhere. They are beautiful, maybe even hot. They turn you on but isn’t a nerd nor likes superhero movies, cosplay, or gaming and only watches the history channel and keeping up with the Kardashians or something like that. How do you inspire your new "bae" to watch your shows or finding the bridge you need to introduce them to your “dark side?"

Here are a few tips:

  1. Find a common ground. Do not be afraid to open up and recommend some shows. You may be surprised what your "shawty" has never watched or heard of and there is your opportunity to make your mark. Ask your "sweet-thang" what they will tolerate and research the best trending show they could enjoy. Some of the best shows involve drama and who doesn't like drama? The best part about comic book shows are the fact they almost all of them involve a great drama story. Netflix is doing an amazing job telling Hell’s Kitchen story and I would start right there with Daredevil then onto Jessica Jones, showcasing the start of Luke Cage.

  2. It can’t be one sided. We all know the best way to keep a relationship alive is compromising. So this may involve you watching one of their shows and there is no shame in that. After all, it’s not really about the show. It’s about spending time with your special someone. Make sure to watch what your "sweet cheeks" wants to watch first and try to be an active viewer. Ask questions at the appropriate time. This actually may be the best thing you can do. It is showing that you care. If the show sucks, don’t say it straight out. It might be offensive and you'll never sit side-by-side with your "main squeeze" ever again. There is a trick to this so make sure you stay invested.

  3. Keep it fresh. I know it’s easy once your "plus one" is committed to watching your shows and binging is in full effect, but remember how you guys got there. Your S/O still loves their shows. If your "better half" thinks that all you want to do is watch your shows, the tension can and will rise. This right here is a crucial time. Many screw this up. You have to understand their emotions, so stand down if there have been a few straight days of only watching your shows. Keep it fresh.

Do these 3 things and it won’t matter what type of "home skillet" you have. If they're happy then you're happy.

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