Pokemon Generations

Pokemon has released a new animated series – sort of – that’s a YouTube exclusive! Pokemon Generations will be 18 episodes over 13 weeks, following roughly the plots of the main series games starting with Red’s journey in Gen 1 (Red/Blue). Though, it appears as if Red might be the protagonist throughout the series based on some of the (SPOILER ALERT!) late gen Pokemon he appears to be battling in the first episode.

Episode 1 follows Red and his Pikachu as they battle their way through the world of Pokemon. The entire 4 minute episode opens with the start of the original games before turning into a fully animated world. Yup, you’ll be sucked in. The animation and action sequences are top notch, focusing more on a sort of serious edge. This is in stark comparison to the cartoony, fun, and childish style of the standard anime. Here, Pikachu struggles and battles in a bit of serious business.

Episode 2 follows the aftermath of the famous Team Rocket Viridian City gym nonsense from the first gen of games. A law enforcement officer busts in… only to find that Giovanni is gone, having awarded his last two badges to Red and Blue before disappearing. Listen and look for minor callbacks here and there to the games. If you played the original games, you are very familiar with those moments as they are crucial to the plot. And, no, sadly there isn’t a single officer Jenny anywhere to be seen with the police.

It looks like new episodes will be released now through December, likely on every Friday. Based on their 13 week, 18 episode timeline we will see at least one more week – this first week had 2 episodes – of double or triple episodes. Or maybe some kind of special release of the extra couple of episodes that don’t fit in the official Pokemon YouTube timeline. Check it out. It’s nostalgic fun wrapped in a more adult package for all your Pokemon needs.

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