Watch Dogs 2: New Location Set in San Francisco

January 9, 2016

Coming hot off the heels of the semi announcement of Assassin's Creed Egypt, Kotaku also snuck in a small blurb about Watch Dogs 2 and it being set in San Francisco. The same source that spilled the scarabs about the new AC being released in 2017 .


Watch Dogs for me was meh and a let down. The gameplay was dull and the driving was bad. Simple game mechanics that weren’t up to par with games like GTA V made the game just barely decent and boring to me.

Ubisoft has a lot to fix in the sequel so that it surpasses the original. The developer needs to figure out how to present the next chapter in the series, in a brand new city. It makes perfect sense for a hacking game to be set in San Francisco. Let’s see what happens in the new Ubisoft conference or in June at E3. More info to come when released.

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