An Invasion for CW’s Arrowverse crossover?

It's been a long wait for fans of CW's Superheroes shows, since they've been off season. After Supergirl's addition, comes the announcement of an EPIC 4-Episode crossover event. The heroes will team up to take on The Dominators as teased by CW. They will be modeled after the 1980’s DC comic book crossover known as Invasion! and the aliens will be modeled after Todd McFarlane’s rendering of the aliens. They really didn’t say how close to the canon the show will go but its best to wait and see with these types of crossover events.

The shows are going to start next week with The Flash debuting its new episode on The CW starting October 4; Arrow, October 5; Supergirl, October 10; and DC's Legends of Tomorrow October 13

CW also released a teaser of “Superhero Fight Club 2.0 Scene" which you can watch below:

Will you be tuning in?

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