Luke Cage Review

It's been a few weeks since Luke Cage has been released. From the show's entirety itself and the message that it sends to people, it's amazing. If you're a fan of the Marvel/Netflix series, you already know that they don't hold anything back at all. The show does a great way at giving Luke a backstory with great character development. Jessica Jones did introduce him to the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this show gives him truly captures his character.

One of the beautiful things about Marvel is that everything connects to one another. From the Netflix series, the movies, and the TV shows, Luke Cage is thrown into a world of superheros and villains. But unlike most heroes, he just wants to live a normal life.

They've hinted a few times where they're going with the story, with reference to the Heroes for Hire story arc where Luke Cage and Iron Fist begin to charge people for their hero services. And somewhere down the line Luke would settle down with Jessica Jones and have a kid as they do in one of the comic story lines.

Luke Cage opens so many possibilities and I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

It's also great from a social aspect as well. It does an amazing job at tackling current world problems with police brutality and how many African-Americans are mistreated in today's America. It's also very important to add that the majority of this cast are African-American, which is something you don't see too often and it's great to see the diversity. Throughout the show it shows how certain police officers tend to treat the less fortunate and sheds some light on as to why for people who may not be informed on what is going on. Many times in the show the talk about how the world needed a bullet proof black man and how inspiring it is to see it, have a black superhero protect them. If you haven't seen the show I highly recommend you do.

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