A Captain Planet Movie and the Planeteers is Coming

It was just announced that Paramount Pictures is teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way to bring us a Captain Planet movie. The movie will be considered a continuation of the TV Show. Taking place years after the show, the story will revovle around Captain Planet, a washed up has-been who is in need of the kids more than they are in need of him.

DiCaprio has been very vocal about climate change, renewable energy, and climate change. It's not surprising that he is taking on this project.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers was an animated series about 5 kids who were chosen by Gaia to become Planeteers from around the world working together to protect the planet from those who want to harm it. With their rings power (earth, wind, fire, water and heart) they would combine the energy to form a hero known as Captain Planet to take on the Eco-Villians.

It was a pretty cool and positive show to have around as a kid. Hopefully, it has the same effect on the current generation of kids as well.

Remember, “the power is yours…”

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