Nintendo Switch Announced

After years of absolutely aggressive speculation as to what the NX would be, the poorly named Nintendo Switch has been revealed. Following the relatively low sales of the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch hopes to help bring Nintendo back into relevance.

The Switch will be almost exactly as all of the rumors has claimed it would be. The reveal trailer showed a mobile console that can be docked and played on a TV. It also looks to be cartridge-based which coincides with what the rumors claimed. Detachable controllers on the sides of the unit allow for two people to play on a single screen.

The trailer also showed an overabundance of controller schemes and types. Finally, the trailer showed games such as Splatoon and Zelda being played. However, the real surprise was seeing an Elder Scrolls and NBA game (presumably 2K17) being played on the Switch. This would imply that Nintendo has some form of third party support which is something that the Wii U was lacking in. While no price has been given yet, the console will release in March of 2017

Check out the trailer below

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