Logan Trailer Drops

20th Century Fox just dropped another wonderful trailer for us, but this time it was for the long anticipation “Logan” movie. Logan is the story arc following “Old Man Logan” which tells a story of how in the future most mutants are dead or in hiding. Many super villains are now in control of the world while a much older Wolverine tries to live in the shadows with his family.

The trailer does a great job at tugging at your heart by showing a much more older Wolverine living in a wasteland as he looks back on his life and what he use to have before everything fell. It's obvious we're going to see a much more sympathetic and caring Logan than what we're use to seeing in other films. And we wonder what has he seen to make him this way?

The trailer also beautifully displays his fatherly side despite being such a hardened character. He looks tired-- from hiding, from everything he has endured. It seems that Logan Just wants to be at peace but cannot for whatever reason. The trailer also shows off a much older Professor X who looks very dependent on Wolverine and can't do much without his care. But even in hiding, Professor X gives him a final mission: taking care of a young mutant girl who could potentially help them greatly.

With that task at hand, it seems to get him in trouble with many powerful foes. A militant group and other mutants hunt him down. This is reportedly going to be Hugh Jackman's last role as Wolverine and it's going to be a rated R movie.

It shows a whole new side to this character and gives you more of a perspective on who he is and how much of a caring person he can be. This is personally one of my favorite comic book story arcs so I'm really excited to see him end his iconic role of Wolverine with “Old Man Logan.”

The movie is dated to be released on March 3rd, 2017. Watch the trailer below:

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