Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios

If you had only one thing to do this Halloween I would seriously only do this event! Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios has gotten more main stream but you get to run through many mazes in one single location instead of going to different haunts throughout the county. At a reasonable rate around $59.99- $89.99 and $20 for parking, it's worth it.

For this review, please note that I purchased the VIP Experience with a front of the line pass and went on a Thursday (the other slow day besides Sunday).

There are a total of 6 mazes. The mazes are based on American Horror Story, The Exorcist, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Freddy VS. Jason, Halloween, and Krampus. Beside this they also have the typical Universal rides. There is a Jabbawockeez Show, a choreographed horror dance show, as well as different scare zones through out the park where monsters roam freely. There is also the Terror Tram and The Walking Dead attraction.

Going through each maze takes approximately three to five minutes depending on how fast you walk. The terror tram is pretty awesome, too. You get dropped off in the back lot and have to make your way through some sets with killer clowns on the loose. This one is a bit longer at about 30 minutes in total. You also have a chance to take a picture with Norman Bates in front of his home.

The Walking Dead attraction is pretty cool. When walking through the maze they have walkers and people dressed like the characters from the show. If you are a fan of the show this is definitely a must see.

The scare zones are placed throughout the park. Goblins, ghouls, creatures, purgers and clowns are ready to kill you with fear. I was probably pretend murdered about 7 times. Purgers kept attacking me and they came out of nowhere. Chainsaws, hatchets and knifes are the weapons of choice.

Be prepared to be scared but overall have a great time. I did all the mazes mentioned above and was even able to repeat one maze as well as ride on Jurassic Park water ride.

I didn't come out of one maze thinking; wow, that sucks. My favorite one is Krampus. I didn't expect to get scared on that one and it was probably the one that made me jump the most. The close second for me was the Freddy Vs. Jason because well it’s Freddy and he does come out of nowhere a few times. Lastly, my 3rd favorite was The Exorcist. It walks you through a few bedrooms scenes and they were pretty frightening.

I really hope you can make it and capture memories of your own.

November 5th will be the last day for this event.

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