November Games for Members

Novembers Free games with both consoles have been announced. As a PlayStation owner, I am thrilled with these free games for November as I feel this is a better deal of free games than what Xbox has to offer for November. Sticking out like a sore green thumb is Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, a game where you search for clues as to what happen. The soundtrack in this game is pleasant and enjoyable. I am also looking forward to experiencing life as a paper boy with Pumped BMX when I’m on the road with my Vita.

That isn't to say that you're not getting anything on Xbox. Far Cry Blood Dragon is a must play game. I wouldn’t bother wasting your time with Murdered Soul Suspect, a game that you will instantly regret downloading. No wonder Microsoft didn’t mind dropping this on us. It makes me wonder when PlayStation will give us Knack for free.

PlayStation Plus Games for November

  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, PS4

  • The Deadly Tower of Monsters, PS4

  • Dirt 3, PS3

  • Costume Quest 2, PS3

  • Letter Quest Remastered, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)

  • Pumped BMX+, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4 and PS3)

Games with Gold for November

  • Super Dungeon Bros free all month.

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect free from November 16th to December 15th.

  • Monkey Island: SE free till November 15th.

  • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for free through November 16-30th.

What games will you be playing?

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