More Cloverfield Movies are Coming

Looks like JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures are creating a shared universe for Cloverfield and they are going about it in the most unconventional way possible.

When Cloverfield was released in 2008, there were theories of what direction any following movies in the franchise will go. And it was proven that subsequent films were not mere direct sequels to the original.

The “found footage” style of the original was out of the norm for any company trying to build a movie franchise (think about the original The Blair Witch). But for Cloverfield, it wouldn’t be the only style of storytelling.

Now, fast forward to March of this year when 10 Cloverfield Lane came in under the radar. It was released as a psychological thriller to the surprise of many fans. Both movies are connected but not as directly as the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies. It would be more like American Horror Story where people, places and things from other seasons(in this case) would intertwine even if in the slightest bit.

Besides sharing the same style of viral marketing with help from, each movie takes place during an alien invasion in different parts of the United States with completely different types of aliens. It’s not even known if the films are in chronological order. But, now it looks like the third installment, which is titled God Particle, will strengthen the connection between the first two movies while hopefully giving us more insight into the mythos of the franchise.

God Particle is set to release on Feb. 24, 2017. The movie will revolve around a team of astronauts who make a “shocking discovery” and end up fighting for survival in what is described as an altered reality. The film will be directed by Julis Onah (The Girl is in Trouble) and the script is written by Oren Uziel (22 Jump Street). Abrams and company hope on releasing a new movie each year for the franchise. Let’s hope they keep the quality going with the following installments.

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