Muppet Babies is returning in 2018

The specific nostalgic event that comes to mind is watching the Muppet Babies with a freshly poured bowl of cereal, waiting to see where their imagination would take us. Sometimes it took us to a land of dinosaurs. Sometimes it took us on a treasure hunting adventure like Indiana Jones with live-action clips from the actual movie being added in the episode. It always revolved around the power of imagination and each episode had a musical number which related to the story.

The new show will be CGI and air on Disney Jr in early 2018. Miss Nanny will have her hands full with Baby Kermit and the Muppet gang running around with their imagination once more. The show will shoot for an audience in the 4-7 age range and each episode will amount to two 11-minute stories which will go from building a time machine to flying through outer space. The stories in each episode will be designed to focus on creativity and critical thinking skills through the power of imaginative play. It’s awesome that they are sticking to the same format as before but with an updated feel to it.

Did you ever watch the Muppet Babies growing up? Maybe watching the intro will spark your memory.

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