Tim Miller Ditches Deadpool for Sonic

Earlier last week director Tim Miller most currently known for his hit movie Deadpool, left the project due to creative differences with the star Ryan Reynolds. And what would be his next movie was anyone's guess.

Most people thought he'd stick with Fox and direct a project called Influx, an action movie based off a novel. But they were all wrong. Instead, he's heading over to Sony to make a live action Sonic movie.

At the moment, it doesn't seem like the smartest move for him. Few people are excited for this live action film, but to be fair he did contribute great visual effects for Deadpool and maybe he might carry that talent for Sonic.

Tim Miller won't be directing, but will lend his experience as executive producer. Jeff Fowler who worked on Where The Wild Things Are is also assigned to the project, if that's any indication of the art style. Additionally, producer for-- you guessed it-- The Fast and Furious franchise, Neal Mortiz, will be producing the fast and the furious Sonic The Hedgehog live action film.

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