Sombra Hacks Her Way Into Our Hearts

Blizzard announced their new hero, Sombra, in a “live Hacking event” during Blizzcon after a five month long “Alternate Reality Game (ARG)." To those who participated, it was some of the most painful months trying to decipher clues while awaiting time gated reveals and hints.

The ARG will probably be remembered for its somewhat misleading hero reveal-- Ana being confused for Sombra, as many thought it to be her code name. And while frustrating, this was probably some of the most fun we had playing Sherlock Holmes.

With all the painful agony of converting ASCII and hexadecimal into english finally gone, Sombra revealed herself to be a charming, cute and sassy hacker whose only allegiance is to herself.

The internet collectively loved seeing Sombra corner her prey and instead of pulling the trigger, she looks her dead in the eyes and tells her Relajate,“Relax.” After cleverly making herself a new friend she boops her on the nose and disappears into the ether.

You can watch Sombra in all her sass in Blizzard new animated short “Infiltration” down below.

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