Nintendo Power Line Returns

November 12, 2016


Nintendo has done something both absolutely radical and useful to coincide with the release of the NES Classic Edition: the return of the Nintendo Power Line.


Yup, back in the 80’s, there was no internet. The thought may be terrifying, but that meant we had to pick up a strategy guide or call a hotline when we were stuck in a Nintendo game.


If you pick up the 30 retro games built into the re-imagined NES, you too can call the Power Line and talk to Game Play Counselors. The tips will be prerecorded and interspersed with a few bits of trivia. For nostalgic fun, dial (425) 885-7529 between November 11 and November 13. Shame on you if you haven’t already memorized where the Warp Whistles are.




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