Overwatch Sombra Update

November 16, 2016


Professional “booper” and hacker, Sombra, is now live! As part of the“big” 1.5 update of Overwatch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, she is entering the roster as an offensive hero that block enemy abilities and hack health packs.


In addition to Sombra, Blizzard has introduced Arcade Mode, a new map Ecopoint Antarctica, Season 3 of competitive, and various re-balances.


In the new Arcade Mode, you can choose from various game modes, maps and rule-sets (like “no hero switching”) You can even play 1v1 or 3v3 skirmishes for those who either wish to play a faster game or don’t have the time for a competitive mode but still like the challenge.


Season 2 of Competitive play will end on the 24th of November with Season 3 starting up on the 30th.


There is now a hero restriction of one per team in quickplay, head over to the Arcade Mode to play “No Limits” mode that allows for hero stacking.


For the full set of patch notes click here. 




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