Pacific Media Expo Continues to Cater

Last weekend was the Pacific Media Expo, referred to by fans as PMX, which is a convention that showcases events for fans of Asian media. Anime and Manga fans--as well as artists, photographers and cosplayers-- all gathered for the last convention of the season. But what makes PMX so special? They are famous for catering specifically to the Harajuku, Lolita and Asian street fashionistas from all over. The fan-run panels are always a huge part of any anime convention, and PMX is no exception. Dozens of attendees held their very own panels where they and their friends could show tribute to and share in discussions about their favorite series.

A major personal perk during my visit was the accessibility to the Artists Alley and the E Hall. I got to visit many of my favorite artists and vendors, but a number of people I talked to mentioned how they rarely go shopping at cons, but couldn't help themselves here.

The swapmeet was probably the most interesting place to buy something. There were tables filled to the brim with previously cherished items, ready to be given a new home. Guests lined up half an hour before the event started just to be able to find one rare item for the best price. Many people sought out items that were no longer sold in stores or by distributors. Even though there was a swarm of people, very few left disappointed.

There were also several rooms dedicated to selling clothing, shoes, and accessories from both large and small businesses centered around Lolita, Harajuku, and Asian street fashion. It was amazing to see just how many independent sellers had created such amazing artwork.

You didn't have to be an anime fan to enjoy Stephanie Yanez's performance. Stephanie is famous for her modeling and vocal performances all over the US and even in Japan. She is well known for her Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Naruto covers, but she also performed her original song, "Sakura Wonderland" to a crowd of adoring fans waving Wotagei (special glowing sticks fans use to show support at concerts in Japan) in beat with the music.

The fashion shows were definitely the highlight for most attendants. People lined up an hour before the event to get the best seats to see the work of their favorite clothing brands. There were brands such as Fickle Wish, Mulberry chronicles, Belladonna, Rosenmarchen, Mossbadger, Lief, Haenuli, Juliette et Justine, Omocat, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and Alice and the Pirates. This fashion show was unlike any one you would probably see in your life time. Each line showcased original one of a kind outfit ensembles. You could tell for some of the models, wearing this style of clothing on a runway was their dream come true.

Be sure to check out Pacific Media Expo 2017, and be sure to keep checking Nerdbot for more nerd news!

The following photos are by Rock Me, Amadeus Photography.

A small foreword about this gallery:

"I really enjoy the smaller cons, in particular, I really enjoyed being at PMX. It had this very chill and relaxing vibe to it. I was able to spend more time there talking to everybody and not just running around trying to grab shots of as cosplayers as possible. I was able to figure out both the person and persona behind the characters and in my opinion, allowed me to take better shots of the attendees. PMX may not be as big as AX (at least not yet) but it definitely has character and warmth of the people who attended. Also, just about everyone there made their cosplay. (Which is really cool)

Thank you to everybody who collectively felt my pain when I dropped my camera."

-Rock Me, Amadeus Photography

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