Brendon Small + Loudwire Interview = Metalocalypse News

The creator of Metalocalypse, Brendon Small, was recently on Loudwire’s Podcast Series for an interview and discussed what issues he’s had with getting the finale going on the network and what to expect in the near future.

On the podcast, Small shared how he had already outlined the finale (which would have been Season 5) of the show while working on The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera (Season 4 finale in 2013). He presented it to the big heads at Adult Swim and was told that they didn’t have the budget for it at that time. This lead to the MetalocalypseNow campaign which had the fans of the show demanding Hulu and Adult Swim co-fund the series finale to no avail. As a result of the campaign in late 2015, MetalocalypseNow backers were willing to put in 2 Million dollars into the project so Adult Swim wouldn’t have any financial responsibility and Brendon Small still received a hard “NO” on the finale from the network.

Small and fans alike are really thrown off by their decision to not allow the show the finale it deserves. Though confused, Small is really grateful towards the network for giving him the opportunity to bring the show to life. He expressed what he really feels happened with the network by saying, “What I think really happened was [‘Metalocalypse Now’ campaigners] drove Adult Swim insane. I think Adult Swim, for some reason, took it very personally. The truth was that people were saying, ‘Hey, what the hell? Where’s our show? We’re here for this show, can you give it to us? We’re going to watch it like crazy,’ and [Adult Swim] said no. I think somebody’s thin-skinned and somebody got their feelings hurt.”

It really sucks Dr. Rockso balls that the network doesn’t want to move on with the show. It really feels like its Dethklok and its fans are against The Tribunal (the shows antagonists).

Now since the network is giving a straight “NO” and holds the rights to all that is Metalocalypse. We are stuck never knowing what Metalocalypse: The Army of Doomstar, The Final Chapter would have looked like. But! There is always a BUT!!! We will hear what it would have been like. In 2012 Brendon Small released what he describes as an “audio comic book” album named Galaktikon. Earlier this year Small teased via Twitter the second album was on its way and now it looks like Galakticon 2 will no longer be a continuation of the story from the first album but will in-fact be a Dethklok album. Small did express that he does want to finish the story off in some way, shape or form on the podcast and is going to do so with through the next Galaktikon album. He didn’t go too into detail as to where the story will go on in the album but we should expect it to release in Early to Mid 2017.

It is pretty crazy that Adult Swim doesn’t want to move forward with the show. Each album that was released from Season 1 to Season 3 topped the Billboard charts, the first Dethalbum debuted at #21 on the charts and became the highest charting Death Metal album ever till Dethalbum II topped off at #15 and Deathalbum III rose as high as #10 on the charts. Each one becoming the new top Death Metal album on the charts. Now, add in all the merchandising and really amazing dedicated fanbase which it has. Why would you not want to finish off a show that is crowd funded?

If you have never watched the show then get to it. Hulu has all 4 seasons of the show and the Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera TV movie special available.

You can visit to find out more about how to support the series finale.

Here is the link to the Loudwire podcast.

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