The Inhumans Come to… TV?

The Inhumans – sort of mutants but not really – debuted all the way back in Fantastic Four 45 (or 36, if you count the first appearance of an Inhuman) in 1965. Since then they have been a staple of Marvel but, aside from appearing in other people’s comics, haven’t really been at the forefront. Recently, Marvel has pushed to make them into the next X-Men. This is likely due to their lack of the X-Men film rights. This means that Marvel announced an Inhumans movie!

Fast forward a few years and there is no movie… We will instead be getting an Inhumans TV show to debut in IMAX. Look for the royal family of the city of Attilan to show up in IMAX theaters in 2017, then run a regular season on ABC. I assume they will focus heavily on family drama and less on action, but who knows? The Inhumans are weird, visually and in story, and it’s really hard to imagine Lockjaw running around on a TV budget. No word on who will play the most likely players to lead the series, such as Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, and Crystal. Will the public fall in love with a teleporting dog, mute king, and a queen with super-hair? Find out in 2017!

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