Is Dead Rising 4 doomed?

Dead Rising 4's release is right around the corner, so more and more about the game is coming to light, but not all news is good news.

Fans got a little ticked off after finding out that the original Frank West voice actor, Terence J. Rotolo, was not making a return, stating that he wasn’t even contacted to voice in the new upcoming game. Fans went out of their way to make a petition to get him back while there were reports of Capcom Vancover taking down any comment about Rotolo.

Developers reportedly removed the game's time limit features as well as the feature to rescue survivors, which was a lot of the heart and soul of the game. The reason may have been due to many players feeling as if it rushed the game and was just a lot of busy work. Capcom Vancouver felt like it was too much for the players and didn’t give them enough time to explore the open world game.

Fans are accusing Capcom of “dumbing down” the game. Frank's health will now regenerate so you’ll no longer need to find food to heal yourself. The zombies will no longer be buffed at night. And there will be no co-op campaign, which has upset many fans. Instead, it will have a four player competitive/co-op game mode that consists of a narrow map and a series of mini games. This came as a big shock to many people because Capcom stated in the past that it will be a four player co-op but never went in detail of what that meant.

They did say they were going to add the time limit function as a mode obtained as DLC only available with the season pass for $24.99. They expect to sell at least 2 million copies of the game as an exclusive on Xbox.

Dead Rising 4 is set to release on December 4, 2016. Will you be purchasing the game?

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