The BotCast Episode 9 - Suicide Squad, The Killing Joke, The Core

This Botcast was recorded Live at the Spinema Movie After Party hosted by Nerds Like Us and Nerdbot Media at Dave And Busters In Arcadia CA. Once upon a summer, a tiny movie called "Suicide Squad" caused a ripple of sensation throughout the nerd kingdom. Anthony Assembles his rag tag team of Nerds that happen to be around him and gets to the core of the burning question at the time: "Will Suicide Squad Suck??" Luckily we also delve into "The Killing Joke" which gave the group plenty to talk about as well as fun look back at "The Core". Cosplay photo-pro Morgue Anna Photography also sits in to give us her fan based perspective on both flicks!

- This Episode is a Retro-Cast of a previously recorded show -

The Botcast Cast:

Anthony Ayala - Host

Aaron Golden

Alexander Roberts

Special Guests:

Morgue Anna

Elvin Nerdbot

David Amadeus Pacheco

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