Club Comic Con: A Review

Stan Lee’s Comikaze – uh, I mean Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con – was a weekend packed with even more people, more cosplay, more things to buy, and more parties to attend. The weekend kicked off with the first ever Club Comic Con, hosted by Bernie Bergman (the Geek Gatsby) and held at the beautiful Globe Theater in Los Angeles.

I can’t say enough about the Globe Theater. It’s a beautiful building from the early days of American theater, built in 1913, and with a combination of amazing acoustics and magnificent architecture. If you are a fan of classic style, this is the theater for you. You can just imagine a bunch of celebrities in fancy dresses and pressed suits sipping cocktails here. The atmosphere carried over and added a bit of special… something… to the look of the night. Maybe it’s because I am a Midwest/East coast guy, but I love these classic buildings.

I missed the earliest performers, but came to watch Greg Cipes (the voice of Beast Boy, among other talents) perform his music set. Dante Basco, better known as Rufio from Hook, also had a set. The big headline was the always passionate DJ Chuck None. Rounding out the music was DJ BluRay in the VIP area, and a few others I missed. It’s always tough to have 2 or more areas of music going at a time, as no one will ever be able to see it all. Overall, it was a blast. From house, to pop music, to a cosplay contest, to great mixed drinks, to a friendly atmosphere, there was really something for everyone.

For a first time, the event went extremely smooth. The highlight for me is always DJ Chuck None. Full disclosure: he’s a friend of mine, but he’s also great at mixing beats, creating his own sound, and getting everyone dancing. It’s always high energy. DJ Rufio was also a ton of fun, bringing excitement and light up. You can’t hate light up hair. Everyone who performs or goes to these kinds of events is there to party, but no one is bringing the dude-bro college vibe. It’s the perfect nerd party place. My costume of the night vote went to the dude dressed as Quail Man.

But… not everything was perfect. Sadly, a lot of folks didn’t know there were 2 levels in the VIP area, so the awesome glass-walled back room – that sported its own DJ all night – got ignored. The folks working hard to entertain up there were kind of left in the dust. The other bump in the road was Greg Cipes who had a great set of music, but may have been misplaced. This was a high-energy dance venue and his music may have been better suited as an opener or somewhere else. It was good, it just didn’t get people on the floor dancing.

Next year, check out Club Comic Con and head up early to kick the weekend off right. Bring friends, wear a costume, and be ready to be too tired to get up in the morning. That’s all the fun of a con weekend, though! Oh, just be sure to bring some singles. The bathroom has attendants, so be kind and tip.

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