Telltale's Batman: Episode 4 - A review

Episode 4 of the latest installment of the Telltale's Batman is great whether you are a gamer or a Batman fan.

The tone of this episode is created instantly with a dark and mysterious scene of Bruce being in Arkham Asylum and not knowing why he's in there. We are even introduced early on with the iconic The Joker!

Harvey Dent's (Two Face) transformation from a beloved a politician to a almost tyrant like mayor is almost a work of art on its own. Even watching Bruce Wayne struggle with his inner psyche with his family's legacy on the line constantly forces you to decide what's more important to you: your family or protecting the city you love.

One of my favorite parts of playing Telltale games is that they focus more on story than game play for those who want to enjoy a nice story with twist and turns along the way without being bogged down by different game mechanics. That being said, I was on the edge of my seat playing this new episode, not knowing what was going to happen, constantly second guessing myself on my decisions and debating if it was the right call or not. To me that's just great storytelling. If a game could keep me on the edge from start to finish is completely breath taking.

We see many iterations of the iconic character, but the change doesn't always work. Telltale's adaption of Batman is a new one and great one.

There are a lot of loose ends that needs to be picked up after playing episode 4, but I know will come into play in the final episode.

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