San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Video Review - Interviews

Nerdbot was on location for the biggest Cosplay and Comic convention in the country! San Diego Comic Con 2016 was packed with pedestrian fans from all walks of life for miles around the Convention Center. The convention is no longer limited to the confines of the Convention halls, as businesses surrounding the local area cater to the fans of all kinds of nerd-fandoms alike.

You literally cannot walk more than a few steps without seeing some awesome cosplay that no doubt took effort and time to appreciate. We did our best to get as many of them as we could for our interviews! We can't wait to go back!

And a special thank you to all of the Fantastic Cosplayers who were willing to have some fun with us on camera! Sending lots of Nerdbot love your way!

While we were at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Scuba Steph had the urge to catch Cosplayers with her Pokéballs Check it out!!

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