Dishonored 2 Review

To be clear, fans of the previous installment will almost certainly enjoy Dishonored 2. Dishonored 2 feels like an extension of Dishonored 1 which is both a positive and negative thing.

Arkane Studios set out to continue the story of Dishonored right after the events of the first game. The player is given the choice to play as Corvo or Emily, the new empress. The story feels like the first one. A lot. The betrayal & deception tale culminates in a lengthy revenge story. Unfortunately, the story didn't do enough new to make a mark. Every betrayal and twist can be seen from a mile away.

While the presents itself as a "play however you want" type of game, the player will almost certainly be forced to play it stealthily. However, the game's clunky combat makes open combat a death sentence in most situations. To further expand on the problem, stealth itself is wildly inconsistent in the game. Over my time playing the story, I was frequently discovered by guards arbitrarily. Guards would often clearly see through the wall I was hiding behind. Incapacitating one guard would sometimes alert others and sometimes it wouldn't. Combat in general felt messy. However, as the player unlocks more spells and enhance those skills, combat because much more bearable. Another prevalent problem is that the game punishes the player for getting caught in a pretty drastic way. Getting the "good ending" requires the player to have low chaos which translates to rarely getting caught and killing few enemies. This further denounces the idea that one can play this game the way he or she wants to. When the better ending is based on playing the game a specific way, player choice is nullified.

Dishonored 2, like its predecessor, is riddled with good ideas, but they are ultimately poorly executed.

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