Sony PlayStation Experience

Sony brought their annual PlayStation Experience to Anaheim over the weekend, showcasing high profile and highly anticipated games to eager fans. For those unable to attend the event in person, the event was broadcast live across many channels so no gamer was left behind. For those who were able to attend, they were able to bask in the united ecstasy of seeing special guests, in person press announcements, and unveiling.

One such unveiling was a second trailer to Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding. Though the trailer released during the Video Game Awards the Thursday before the event, Kojima was invited as a guest to the Experience to discuss what little he could about the game, teasing concept art and development stories. After his departure from Konami and cancellation of Silent Hills, it was presumed that Guillermo Del Toro left the project entirely. From the trailer below, you'll see that is not the case. In addition to Del Toro's involvement, revealed in this magnetically eerie trailer is none other than actor Mads Mikkelsen. With this cast including Norman Reedus, the dark designs, grotesque imagery, and gravitating mystery, it's no wonder that this game has a huge following after just showing two trailers.

The Experience also put rumors to rest, in the most positive way possible. The Last of Us 2 rumors circulated the internet just shortly after the first game's release, but finally fans now have a straight-forward answer in the form of a beautiful trailer that shows an older Ellie, guitar in hand, singing a somber song.

The Experience also had unexpected surprises as well. Following the supposed last in its series, Uncharted creative writers said they weren't interested in developing another game following the series' star, Nathan Drake. They weren't exactly lying since the new trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy seems to star fan favorites Chloe Fisher and Nadine Ross. Offered as both DLC and a Standalone, it's being considered the biggest expansion for the franchise.

Let It Die's booth was booming with popular Japanese music to go along with it's neon apocalyptic and urban setting. Team Ninja showcased they're upcoming title, Nioh, and people are already comparing it to The Witcher and Dark Souls. Along with those, Nier: Automata's very short but action packed trailer also revealed the release date for March of 2017.

There were other huge AAA titles at the event including Call of Duty, Destiny, and Eve: Valkyrie. But also a great number of VR titles, smaller indie titles-- such as Move or Die, Just Shapes and Beats, and Windjammers-- and many other games that were recently released. One personal favorite is the upcoming Supergiant Games title: Pyre. Attendees were able to play a surprisingly long portion of the game for a taste of the world, art style, and game mechanics.

For those familiar with Fighting Game Competitions, PSX also hosted the Capcom Cup 2017, a professional Street Fighter tournament. Seats filled and audiences spilled out onto the outsides of the makeshift arena to the convenient and considerately placed monitors for those who could not find a seat. The dedicated in the front were rewarded with bean bag chairs to view the tournament in, while the rest spanned across chairs and bleachers that still lent itself to a very comfortable viewing experience.

PSX offered a very welcoming and courteous experience in such a small space of the Anaheim Convention Center that didn't really elicit a two day experience if you were unable to attend panels or meet and greets. Despite the very rocky start of Day 1, seemingly disorganized or due to an unexpected large attendee outcome, PSX was well worth the badge price with just the swag bag alone.

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