Lego Review - Carbon Freezing Chamber 75137

Boba Fett Super-fans can finally breath a sigh of relief now that the latest Star Wars sets have arrived, and with them a classic take on one of the most iconic scenes in movie history! The 75137 Carbon Freezing Chamber is loaded with creative play features, some really useful grey bricks, and of course, some outstanding minifigs!

Here is our breaking-down of pieces, minifigs, bags, and booklets, etc. to help you have solid data on hand when considering a purchase. Our ultimate goal is to determine which provide the appropriate needs of any Builder or Collector:

With just over 200 pieces the color count has been spread out evenly in this set with grays and black colors leading the march. Considering the piece to price ratio builders are fond of, this set is a balanced breath of fresh air for builders after the last release of Star Wars sets which were deemed to be more focused on minifigs. . More impressive were the Technic functions that will no doubt provide inspiration for your future builds!

While the box art boasts a rather impressive lineup of mini figures, it does seem to be counting “Han Solo In Carbononite” as a fig’ of on it’s own. It’s bulky and hollow, but alas, it’s no fig. But it deserves appreciation for the level of detail on its surface and sides. Lego has also added their own spin on the Carbon itself, as the underside reveals an actual mini figure sized space reserved for the only scoundrel to have swindled everyone on this side of the galaxy.

To help complete the scene you get a Ugnaught to move things along, as well as Han Solo himself in his post-captive casual wear powerful enough to earn the love of any princess standing nearby!

But of course, the entire reason any of us are really here is for the actual Fig of the Hour: Boba Fett! Illustriously detailed from head to tow, this wildly popular bounty hunter is now broken away from the high priced “Slave I UCS” set he was promised to for so long. But it does come at a cost, those highly detailed arm pieces had to go, meaning your Fett is in Another Castle.

Once again, the Designers at Lego have outdone themselves once again! They really brought back hope for Fans hoping to get a great set at a great value while getting the most play and function that Star Wars fans deserve. The main reason we review these is because we can’t stop collecting them ourselves! So it’s nice to know that we can continue to expect quality and satisfaction of what is yet to come.

Builders and Collectors already know this is is a must have for anyone! Collectors need one in their set, and Builders are already buying them in multiples to try and recreate the scene. I could see this set being highly sought after in the future, so don’t wait too long and make sure you have shelf space for the 75137 Carbon Freezing Chamber! Good luck! Happy Building!

Here is a time lapse video of me building this unit brick by brick:

And as Always, May The Force Brick With You!

Anthony Ayala

For more information about Anthony and his Lego builds please vist and like his page on Facebook by clicking on this link.

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