Sega Sends Blast Processing to TV and Film!

“Rise from your grave!” Months ago rumors were circling that Sega was sending Sonic the Hedgehog to the big screen after a successful life on the small screen, but now Sega is digging into its bag of properties for more video games converted to live action. If you guessed Streets of Rage and Altered Beast would make the cut, well, then you were the only one.

Circle of Confusion, known for The Walking Dead and Straight Outta Compton, are partnering with Sega, a company that desperately needs some great PR. Aside from the kangaroo unlockable in Streets of Rage 3, that seems like a perfectly reasonably property to build a franchise around… Aside from the extreme lack of plot aside from punching and hitting people with pipes. Altered Beast is a little more in the category of both obvious and confusing. The game is hugely popular and memorable to folks of a certain age – like me and other graying gamers – despite its cheesiness. It also featured tons of monsters and lycanthropy. No word on if Anthony Hopkins will be shouting, “Welcome to your doom!”

This won’t be the first time a feature based on a Sega property made it out of developmental hell, though House of the Dead was a fairly awful Uwe Boll film. Reportedly other classics such as Shinobi, Golden Axe, Crazy Taxi, and others. If there’s a Video Game God looking out over us, please make an amazing Kid Chameleon movie! Or grab Vic Tokai and make a Decap Attack animated series!

Because why the hell not?

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