Club Comic-Con 2016 Video Review - Interviews

There have been many Cosplay and Comic related conventions that have taken place at the Downtown Convention Center of Los Angeles, but earlier this Summer, Stan Lee's Comikaze announced they would be changing their event title to Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, officially giving one of the heaviest trafficked and renown convention center's a prestige status among the national Comic-Con scene.

Aside from being the most important event of the weekend, the newly renamed con teamed up with "Nerds Like Us" founder Bernie Bregman, and "Fandom Society's" Dante Basco to put together an after party to officially kick off a weekend of Comic-Con filled action just a few miles from the Convention center.

Besides being in one of the most historic and beautiful theaters in Los Angeles, The Globe Theater hosted Djs on both the Main Stage and in an upper room above the balcony area. DJ's kept the main stage and crowd moving for most of the night which also included a cosplay contest and a set by none other than Dante Basco. By the end of the night the packed dance floor was a clear signal that Club Comic Con had accomplished it's mission of following up Stan Lee's LA Comic Con with a much needed supply of night time entertainment.

You can also check out some of the action earlier in the day as Loki Hates You was out gaining support for his candidacy "Loki2016". He needs your vote:

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