Blizzard supports the LGBT community

It was recently revealed in the latest Overwatch digital comic by Blizzard called “Reflections,” that the character Tracer, has a girlfriend. The comic is free to read on there website.

The newest comic was really heart tugging it showed off a good amount of characters and how they spent the holidays: McCree black out drunk in a bar, Ana and Solder 76 spending time together, and even Reaper hiding in the shadows looking at what we assume is his family. The small issue offers additional backstory and lore for loyal fans. But the main focus is Winston preparing a holiday dinner and being disappointed that no one showed up. Meanwhile Tracer is racing to buy her girlfriend a gift.

There is no ambiguity often seen with LBGT characters in media. Shortly after a heartwarming kiss, Tracer and her girlfriend surprise Winston and spend the holidays together with him. For the most part, the internet seems to love what they did with Tracer making her a part of the LGBT community and I think it's an awesome move on Blizzard's half. It's also great, too, because she's the face of the game and a fan favorite it's awesome that blizzard is open to this and it seems to be paying off for them too.

Here's the link to the digital Comic if you want to read it for yourself.

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