Batman Telltale Episode 5 Review

Episode 5 of the latest installment of the Batman telltale game. It was a great way to end season 1.

It ties up just about all lose ends in the game, but at the same time leaves a little bit of room for some possible comebacks with some beloved characters. Seeing the rise and fall of Bruce Wayne's best friend preguin was a heartbreaking thing to witness. They did a great job at showing how vengeance could blind someone. With Vicky Vale Aka Lady Arkham, they went into a in-depth into her psyche as to why she became such a cruel and hateful person. It almost makes you feel bad for her.

Even though it had amazing character development, the final chapter to this game did feel a little rushed compared to the other ones, it had no filler time for you to take in what was going on. It was almost one big thing after another. The way they sent out Selina Kyle (Catwoman) seemed a little lazy, but none the less was a good way to take her out of the story. Even though it was a little rushed the ending did get me excited for season two giving a tease of how the Joker is going to be a main character and his rise to power, I'm definitely looking forward towards it.

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