Deadpool WILL NOT make a cameo in Logan

There is a rumor circulating in "THE INTERNET" that Deadpool had filmed a cameo for the upcoming Wolverine film starring Hugh Jackman named "Logan"

The thought of having The Merc With A Mouth on screen with Wolverine makes me want to do a back flip...if I weren't already full of coffee and donuts.

Unfortunately, for us fan boys, the rumors are indeed untrue.

The man himself, Mr. Pool, Ryan Reynolds has confirmed that is was just a rumor stating that the rumor is "Sadly, not true" as stated in his tweet below.

Unless this is a big reveal, the chances of seeing Deadpool in Logan have floated away with the memory of the awful Green Lantern movie.

Logan will be in theaters March 3, 2017.

The full trailer is below:

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